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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orgy Hell?
Orgy Hell is a private house where for years swingers have met for no-holds-barred sex with stranger parties. What makes Orgy Hell parties different from other swinger parties is that we have cameras in the house (both digital and still) and we film all the action. We don't have any professional porn stars or anything; just average people that like group sex.

What is on the Orgy Hell website?
Thousands and thousands of high quality pictures from almost 4 years of group sex parties and hours of extreme hardcore group sex video. Gangbangs, orgies, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. Teen, interracial, lesbians, cum bath parties, and more. We probably have the largest privately owned collection of homemade amateur group sex. There are also live video chat rooms that are open 24 hours a day and streaming video feeds of hardcore sex.

What type of parties are thrown at the Orgy Hell house?
You name it. We try to throw 2 parties a week. One will be an anything goes type of party. Swinging couples, wife swappers, single gangbang girls, and single men; all things can and will happen. Then our next party will have a theme. Teen orgy party, Interracial gangbang, Bukkake, Anal gangbang, Teen lesbian orgy, Lucky guy party (3 or 4 girls for every guy), etc.

What type of people attends the parties?
All types. Some are married couples that come to swap their wives. We get a lot of couples where the husband wants to watch his wife have lesbian sex with lots of other women, or wants to see her get gangbanged by 20 or 30 men. On gangbang night we get a lot of single men that come and stand in line to pull a train on a girl or perform Bukkake. And then there are the gangbang girls that are always around.

What are gangbang girls?
Gangbang girls are what we call the single girls that come to the Orgy Hell house parties. They are not paid models or porn actresses; they are just women that are living out their fantasies of having group sex with lots of men or women.

What is Bukkake?
It's an Asian tradition of a large group of men spewing their cum onto a girl's face. It was always done in public to shame a woman that has cheated on her husband. All the village men would stand around the woman and jack off into her face. The American version usually involves a blowjob first before the man explodes onto her face. Most of the gangbang girls have done bukkake parties and you can see the pictures and video inside the site.

Where do you find these girls?
Everyone always ask this question. The girls find us! We have had bachelorette parties where the bride-to-be got gangbanged by 30 strangers before her wedding night. We get a lot of wives that have caught their husband's cheating and want revenge sex, or girls that have just dumped their boyfriend and want make a gangbang video. Sometimes a girl just wants to be gangbanged and somehow the word has spread that the Orgy Hell house is the place to go. If you are a single girl and would like to attend, please Click Here and Contact Us.

I'm a single guy; can I attend a party?
We are overwhelmed with request by men. To restrict the number of request we only will consider men that follow the instructions that are inside the member's area of this site. You will find information on how to be selected and how to attend a party. These are private parties and we have the right to invite or refuse anyone.

Can I get some custom pictures or video?
Of course.  Contact us and let us know what you are interested in and we will let you know if it is possible.  Click Here and Contact Us.